Feldenkrais in Iceland September 2024

  • Who can benefit from the Feldenkrais-Method?


  • artists, athlets, musicians:

    By exploring the gentle movements of the Feldenkrais-Method and enhanced awareness you will be more skillful and effective in your performance. Instead of repeating the same movements with effort and will power which often results in injuries you will start to look for more integrated and more fluid movements.Feldenkrais can help to overcome and prevent injuries, pain and aches can be reduced or even disappear.


  • in everyday life:

    Modern life often includes ideas of achieving, competing and perfecting.  Feldenkrais can help to open up for new concepts of thinking and perceiving the world. You practice mindfulness in motion when you focus on your whole self and on the quality of your movements in the present moment. This can lead to a general feeling of well-being and relaxation.


  • yoga teacher:

    sometimes your students may encounter difficulties to get into a yoga position. Feldenkrais provides many ideas and tools to learn to do movements that you considered impossible before.


  • Pedagogues and Psychotherapists:

    The Feldenkrais-Method is an educational process. By using your capacities to sense, to feel, to discern small differences in movement quality you learn how this respectful approach can be a way to help to complete your own self-image. Your abilities to be empathic and to tolerate sensations of ambiguity will improve.


  • better ageing:

    Very often we develop habitual, restrictive movement patterns due to past traumata, like accidents, injuries or surgeries. We don't sit on the floor, run or jump anymore.

    Feldenkrais can help to relearn the movements that you once were able to do.


  • physical therapists:

    The Feldenkrais-Method is a holistic aproach that uses movement as a tool to get a better understanding of your own movement patters and of those of your patients. You learn to look at the whole person and not only at the symptom.In many countries Feldenkrais is already part of further education for physical therapists


  • psychosomatic issues:

    many people suffer from sleeping disorders, headaches, sensations of pain, tension or fatigue without medical explanation. Feldenkrais can help to feel more centered, quiet and more powerful.


About Heide:


Heide holds a diploma in educational sciences of the Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany.

She is an internationally certified Feldenkrais practitioner since 1992 who teaches the Feldenkrais Method in her own practice in Mainz to groups and individuals as well as at the Music Department of the University and in various institutions in Mainz. At 2001 she received the certification as a Feldenkrais Assistant Trainer and in this role she taught in various international professional Feldenkrais Training Programs, for example in Brazil, Italy, Austria, and China.

She always loved movement and has lots of experience in classical ballet, Aikido, and dancing.


Her wish to spread the Feldenkrais Method and her love for Iceland led her to the idea of offering an international Feldenkrais workshop in Iceland.

She is known for her gentle, precise and humorous teaching style, leaving space for the participants to develop awareness, self-appreciation and curiosity.


About the Feldenkrais – Method


The Feldenkrais–Method is a somatic practice that uses mindful movement to improve awareness, flexibility, balance and the quality of movements and life in general.

  • It helps to reduce tension and pain and is accessable for people of all ages and abilities.

  • It offers a large variety of gentle movement explorations that enhance our awareness and our capacities to feel and to sense.

  • The Feldenkrais-Method is a unique and subtle, yet powerful approach that uses the plasticity of the nervous system to improve your vitality.

  • You will learn how to use these gentle movement explorations and awareness to become more focussed, to breath more fully and to be more effective in your movements.

  • The performance of professional athletes, dancers, musicians and actors will improve by experiencing the differenciated movements of the Feldenkrais Method and enhanced self–awareness.